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The Psychological Safety In/Out Exercise

After doing the psychological safety team performance exercise, you may want to workshop with your team to establish how you’re going to build psychological safety in the team. Whilst there are some standard and ubiquitous approaches to building psychological safety, such as icebreakers, retrospectives, and video call practices, this is an opportunity for your team…
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Giving Feedback with Psychological Safety

Providing constructive feedback is one of the most powerful things you can do to help others achieve their goals, be happier in their work, create psychological safety and help your teams and organisations perform at their best. However, it’s really important to bear in mind how, why, and when feedback is delivered, or if it…
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Psychological Safety, Diversity, Inclusion, and Politics.

Inclusion is at the core of psychological safety, and must be defined as a central team value. Any individual behaviours or beliefs that don’t align with the principle of inclusion must be addressed.

Retrospectives and Psychological Safety

Retrospective exercises, when teams come together to discuss and discover what went well, what did not, and what lessons can be learned, are extremely powerful and are a fantastic way of building psychological safety. For example, Agile teams usually schedule in a retrospective once every sprint, which is an extremely effective method (if done well)…
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How to use Icebreakers to Create Psychological Safety

Most of us will be used to the idea of icebreakers that are used in meetings or group sessions where not all the participants know each other, and are a good way to increase the psychological safety of a team or space. There is, however, so much more to icebreakers than just getting to know…
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Psychological Safety Slack Community

One of the recipients of the Psychological Safety Newsletter got in touch this week to suggest we launch a Psych Safety community, where we can all share ideas, best practices, workshops, and ask for help and support each other. The newsletter is a bit “one-way” in communication, and the best communication goes both ways 🙂…
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Psychological Safety Team Performance Exercise

The Psychological Safety Quadrant Workshop This is an example of a really powerful exercise to qualitatively measure psychological safety, team performance, and work collaboratively to increase both, via a workshop that can be carried out remotely or in-person. This is really effective for short-lived teams, who haven’t had, or won’t have, time to build and…
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Psychological Safety Email Newsletter

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Psychological Safety Presentation

I get asked a lot if I can help out with presentation content for internal training, talks or similar, so here is a slide deck for a psychological safety presentation that I’ve delivered a number of times and you’re welcome to use. Please attribute fairly. In addition to the slide decks below, the Psychological Safety…
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Six Ways to Run Psychologically Safe Meetings

Meetings, whether in-person or virtual (or the worst kind – a hybrid of the two, where some attendees are together in a room, and the others are remote), are a fact of life for many of us. In fact, many of us spend up to 90% of our working day in one kind of meeting…
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