Psychological Safety Training

Training, Workshops, Exercises and Tools

Psychological Safety Training and Workshops

Contact me to find out more about training and workshops to help you:

  • Build psychological safety in your teams or organisations.
  • Measure and survey psychological safety across your organisation or within teams.
  • Create organisation-wide plans for improving and maintaining psychological safety.
  • Skill up your managers to become confident and competent in delivering psychological safety workshops and training.
  • Excite your leadership and management teams about the benefits of psychological safety.
  • Use and apply the Psychological Safety Action Pack with teams to measure, build and maintain psychological safety

Available training sessions include:

  • Ignite” sessions to introduce the topic and build enthusiasm for taking it further and/or developing a full programme. 1-2 hours
  • Team workshop sessions to learn about psychological safety as well as experiencing one or more psychological safety exercises, to build psychological safety in the group. 2-5 hours.
  • “Train the trainer” sessions to enable participants to take away material and knowledge to carry out workshops and training sessions themselves. 3-5 hours.
  • “Deep dive” psychological safety sessions: for the enthusiasts and the geeks. We dive into the concepts, applications, theory, as well as learning organisations, resilience engineering, and more. 2-4 hours.

1-1 coaching and mentoring sessions and programs are also available.

Email to have a chat, find out more and discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.