Psychological Safety Newsletter – First Edition

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Psychological Safety Newsletter – First Edition

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News and opinion:

This is an excellent article by Jonathan Smart (of “Sooner, Safer, Happier”) about the Boeing 737 Max issues and how they stemmed from a lack of psychological safety at all levels of the organisation:

Leadership lessons in psychological safety from a pandemic:

LGBTQ+ workers experience higher levels of conflict, lower levels of psychological safety and lower job satisfaction at work:

Excellent piece about the importance of maintaining a pro-psychologically safe stance even when under pressure:

Psychological safety and group homogeneity and diversity:

Academic and research:

A very in-depth systematic review of the literature regarding the ability to “speak up” in healthcare contexts:

More evidence showing that the risk of employee burnout is reduced by increasing psychological safety in teams:

Changes in workplace practices during the COVID-19 pandemic: the roles of emotion, psychological safety and organisation support:

Video and audio:

Symposium: Safety Culture, Lean, and DevOps, with Dr. Sidney Dekker, Dr. Steven Spear, Dr. Richard Cook, John Willis and Gene Kim:

Episode 10 of The Agile Engineering Podcast: Psychological Safety with Tom Geraghty:


This is a great write-up in the Army University Press of “Leadership is Language” by David Marquet, which speaks to excellent leadership practices that facilitate and build psychological safety.


Gitanjali 35, a poem by Rabindranath Tagore:

And for anyone who hasn’t recently visited Psych Safety, we have a few new articles, including How to Run Psychologically Safe Meetings, The difference between Trust and Psychological Safety, and some handy presentation resources.

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