Psychological Safety #5: Risk Registers and Critical Issues

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Psychological Safety #5: Risk Registers and Critical Issues

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In this issue, we have one of the best paper titles I’ve read in a while, some fantastic pieces about psychological safety in the workplace, and articles, videos and podcasts on health and medicine, sport, and education. Look out below for the awesome psychological safety cards by Ben Linders!

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Work and industry:

One of the best paper titles I’ve read in a while! Confronting indifference toward truth: Dealing with workplace bullshit.
(Hint – high psychological safety results in less bullshit)

Here’s an idea – putting psychological safety on your organisation’s risk register: and 

Lack of Dialogue among Top Management Team about Sensitive Issues – why a lack of psychological safety means that senior leadership are informed late about critical issues, or never at all:

Building a culture of learning at work – How leaders can create the psychological safety for people to constantly rethink what’s possible:

A super summary of high-performing creative teams and the structures and practices that help facilitate high performance:

Health and Medicine:

How is psychological safety related to physicians’ vaccination behavior?

Failing Intelligently: Failing Well, Failing Badly – The Theatre: Surgical Learning & Innovation Podcast by the Royal College of Surgeons of England (podcast)–Failing-Badly-eole1v/a-a49pnkv


This is a super video of an interview with Jeremy Hannay, an inspirational school head teacher from Ontario, talking about building great cultures in schools. Skip to 25 minutes in to hear how he made it safe for teachers to experiment and fail safely.
His blog is also worth a read: 


The impact on psychological safety in identity leadership – its relationship to team functioning and well-being in team sport:

Theory and practice:

Check these out! Psychological safety cards! A potentially powerful and flexible “tool” for experienced facilitators that possess knowledge of psychological safety. And they’re licensed with creative commons too!

This is a brilliant, comprehensive and deep inspection into psychological safety and makes the key point – you can’t just say it: you have to do it. Thanks Terry Brown for this one.

Here’s a great piece from Kristen Senz at Harvard Business School about the amazing gift of near-miss incidents and the huge potential of learning from them.

A powerful article focussing on how Indigenous Peoples in Canada pay a high emotional tax at work and experience low levels of psychological safety compared to non-indigenous workers.

As always, a poem:

The Laughing Heart by Charles Bukowski. I hope this lights you up: you are marvellous.

As always, check out, for more resources and articles. 
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