Psychological Safety #2: Financial Conduct and Leadership Development

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Psychological Safety #2: Financial Conduct and Leadership Development

building and maintaining psychological safety for your team

News and opinion:

This week, psychological safety seemed to really hit the mainstream business world. Maybe it’s the pandemic, maybe it’s just about time, but either way, it’s a great thing:

A fantastic piece from Brian Proffitt at Red Hat’s Open Source Program OfficeCulture and engagement in community onboarding

Forbes: How CEO style affects culture (hint: Psychological Safety is number 1)

The Financial Conduct Authority are suggesting that finance firms need to build psychological safety. When the FCA are talking about it, you know it’s mainstream:

Fast Company: Why psychological safety at work is key to preventing employee burnout. 

Even McKinsey are on it: “Psychological safety and the critical role of leadership development.” 

I also recently read this Fantastic article by Nic Marks – How psychological safety is a haven against racism: 

Academic and research:

Transformational leadership and psychological safety was a key factor in how schools adapted quickly to the Covid-19 crisis: 

Learner centred feedback – psychological safety and effectiveness of feedback in higher education:

This is interesting, and I’m yet to be convinced, but here a team used machine learning models to examine movements in meetings, which correlate to higher psychological safety and effectiveness:

There’s an interesting point here that building psychological safety allows people to speak up about problems, and even domestic abuse, that are occurring outside the workplace. Building psychological safety in your team could save lives: 

Video and audio:

Psychological Safety, Agile Engineering Podcast – the sequel!  Episode 11: Chernobyl, Volkswagen, Ethics, and Psychological Safety with Tom Geraghty

Another great video by Dr Amy Edmondson, speaking to the Kings Fund: 


“Bewilderment” by Rumi:

And for anyone who hasn’t recently visited, we have a few new articles, including How to Run Psychologically Safe Meetings, The difference between Trust and Psychological Safety, and some handy presentation resources.

You can find previous newsletters here: 

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