Psychological Safety Meetup

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The next psychological safety online meetup is planned for the 9th of June 2022, and we have the fantastic Kimberly Young-McLear speaking about diversity in the field of psychological safety.

Register for the meetup here!

Meetup Format

The general format is a 2-hour virtual meetup (using Zoom), open to everyone, focussed on psychological safety theory, practice, and related topics. We start off with a brief introduction and housekeeping, followed by a 25-minute talk, and then group discussions (but there’s no expectation to speak up – you may remain silent, with your video off, for the entire meetup if you wish).

Thanks to the folks at the psychsafety community for helping organise it, especially Romy, Samantha, Stephanie and Paul!

If you’d like to listen to the music that we use in some of the meetup, you can listen to the Psychological Safety playlist on Spotify here!

Speaking at the psych safety meetup

If you’re interested in speaking at one of the psych safety meetups, contact us here and let us know what you’d like to speak on. We love to hear from subject matter experts, but we’re also really happy to hear from people who simply wish to tell their story. We are particularly excited to hear from people from marginalised or minority groups, and if you’ve never presented before or are nervous about it, don’t worry – we’ll provide you with support and guidance to help you put together a talk and deliver it with confidence!

Past psychological safety meetups:

29 March 2022: Human Factors, Resilience Engineering and Systems Safety.

We were lucky enough to have the amazing Nora Jones, Founder and CEO of Jeli, speaking to us. Nora is most well known for her amazing work on Chaos Engineering and has a great passion for psychological safety and the intersection of software and people

25th January 2022: The History of Psychological Safety.

See the video of Tom’s talk on the history of psychological safety below.

The slide deck is available here.

And here’s a screenshot of some of the attendees!