Psychological Safety Tool Kit

Psychological Safety Tool Kit

Psychological Safety Tool Kit

Version 1.3 now available! Updated with additional content and extra exercises.

This is a complete action pack designed to help you create your own programme of continuous improvement in psychological safety in your teams and organisations.

The pack is designed around a feedback loop of:

  • Understand
  • Measure
  • Build
  • Reflect

Use this pack to help you and your teams understand what psychological safety is, how to measure it in teams, build and maintain it, and reflect back in order to foster continuous improvement.

Psychological Safety Action Pack Outcomes:

Through the surveys, workshops and exercises in this pack, your team and organisation:

  • Will feel able to bring their true selves to work, without fear of embarrassment or recrimination.
  • Take risks and innovate rather than "playing it safe".
  • Will admit mistakes and learn from them rather than hide them, resulting in fewer failures.
  • Highlight problems, dangers and opportunities as they arise.
  • Will be more inclusive, resulting in greater diversity and more voices being heard.
  • Will be more stable, and happy, resulting in lower absence, increased retention, and improved recruitment.

Used by hundreds of organisations all over the world, and an NPS score of 100 amongst users, this Psychological Safety toolkit contains expert training, workshops and exercises, surveys, posters and other resources essential in building psychological safety for your team. 

Delivered via digital download as a zip file containing all resources as pdf documents. 

Sample Tool Kit Content

psychological safety training resources psychological safety training resources   psychological safety training resources psychological safety training resourcespsychological safety training resources psychological safety training resourcesPsychological safety action pack 1 Psychological safety action pack 5 Psychological safety action pack 4 Psychological safety action pack 3 Psychological safety action pack 2

Through working with this tool kit, you will be be able to:

  1. Understand psychological safety, what it is and what the benefits are.
  2. Measure psychological safety in teams (both long-lived and short-lived) and across organisations.
  3. Understand what actions and behaviours are required to improve psychological safety.
  4. Run workshops, exercises and training sessions to improve psychological safety in the workplace.
  5. Train and elevate other leaders and managers, as a subject matter expert in psychological safety.

You can now download the action pack for us for a minimum donation of just £17.50. Options for commercial use and licensing are available: simply email for details.

The first £50 of donations each month will go to the Plan International Children's Emergency Fund

Plan International

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